Past Themes

2022 - Ad Astra

Spring Carnival 2022 is headed to the stars with our theme, Ad Astra! Don’t forget your spirit of exploration and discovery because we are inviting YOU to journey with us beyond galaxies! Midway will be transformed into an out of this world experience for visitors to embark on, Buggy will blast off through the hills, and for Mobot, well, the competitive venture is just getting started. Explore the boundaries of space, marvel at awe-inspiring celestial wonders, and accomplish colossal feats set forth for you at Spring Carnival 2022!

2020 - Adventure Awaits

Spring Carnival 2020 is inviting you on a wild adventure! Grab your binoculars and don't forget your spirit of exploration! Midway will become an immersive, adrenalizing quest, with dozens of storylines to partake in: climb the peaks of Everest, submarine the ocean floor, and traverse the jungle with Indiana Jones. Buggy will continue the exciting journey around the hill for their big 100th year. Mobot will evoke the thrills of competition. Explore all the exhilarating corners of our Spring Carnival 2020, reminiscence in classical adventure tales, and accomplish colossal feats set forth for you. Adventure Awaits!

2019 - Planet Earth

2018 - Myth & Legends

2017 - Timehop

2016 - Game Night

2015 - Living Library