Spring Carnival Committee is the student organization that makes Carnival happen. We get really excited about making the most fun week of the year to actually happen!

Angelica Gonzalez


Angelica is a junior undergraduate student majoring in Business Administration. She enjoys the chaotic nature of build week and looks forward to bonding with her peers over stress. This year she's excited about Spring Carnival merch!

Avineet Nanjappa


Avineet is a junior studying ChemE + EPP. Her favorite thing about carnival is the food and fun memories :) This is her third year on Spring Carnival Committee, and she's looking forward to having another great carnival this spring.

Ann Mulgrew

Head of Booth

Ann is a fifth-year majoring in architecture with minors in business and HCI. Her favorite thing about Spring Carnival is Farnam's t-shirt gun (yay free merch!). She is looking forward to more free merch and pretty booths :)

Patrick Zheng

Assistant Head of Booth

Patrick is a junior majoring in architecture. He's super excited to help out in making Spring Carnival a reality this year!

Julia Kasper

Director of Blitz

Julia is a junior majoring in architecture. Her favorite carnival memory is watching the booths open for the first time, it was so exciting to see all the booths putting together the finishing touches and stepping away from your booth and thinking “we did that!” It’s so amazing to feel proud and accomplished with your team of hardworking booth builders and designers :)

Camila Martinez

Co-Director of Doghouse

Camila is a junior majoring in Architecture. Her favorite carnival memory is getting up early to watch her friends compete in buggy then walking through the booths before it gets crowded. She's also looking forward to seeing all the cute dogs with the doghouses and play the arcade games!

Ella Moon

Director of Independent

Ella is a junior majoring in architecture with minors in HCI and Intelligent Environments. She's looking forward to being part of the Spring Carnival again after having a great time building booths last year. She's also excited to help organizations in building some pretty booths this time! One of my favorite carnival memories is the lively chaos of build week and witnessing all the booths come together!

Ken Huang

Head of Electrical

Ken is a senior studying Civil Engineering. His favorite part about Spring Carnival is doing electrical checks, ideally when it's not raining. He is looking forward to walking through all the booths this year.

Wenchao Hu

Co-Head of Entertainment

Wenchao is a sophomore studying Information Systems. She's excited for Carnival 2024 and looks forward to having a great time with the committee this year!

Sriya Rayapureddy

Co-Head of Entertainment

Sriya is a sophomore studying Business Administration. She enjoys planning fun events during carnival weekend and can't wait to see y'all around campus at the events! 🤩

Tracy Wan

Head of Operations

Tracy is a junior studying MSE and BME. Her favorite part of Spring Carnival is driving around in golf carts and dodging cars. She is looking forward to late night shifts and fried Oreos!

Roma Kerby

Assistant Head of Operations

Roma is a sophomore studying Chemical Engineering. She's looking forward to making Spring Carnival come to life in 2024!

Vaun Moser

Assistant Head of Operations

Vaun is a sophomore studying International Relations and Politics. She's excited for all of the fun that comes with Spring Carnival!

Joe McLaughlin

Head of UI/UX

Joe is a junior studying Computer Science with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction. He is loves watching how quickly all of the booths are built during Spring Carnival, almost as much as he loves going in them himself!

Timmy Cheung

Head of Marketing & Outreach

Timmy is a junior majoring in Business Administration and Decision Science. He also has an additional major in decision science. His favorite part of Spring Carnival is getting to see and experience all the booths organizations create. This year, Timmy is looking forward to making another great carnival and getting the community involved.

Lucy Mo

Assistant Head of Marketing & Outreach

Lucy is a junior majoring in Artificial Intelligence. Her favourite part about Spring Carnival is the seeing diversity of organizations and individuals come together for the cmu tradition. She is super excited to see the cool booths this year!

Vivian Liu

Head of Finance

Vivian is a junior majoring in Applied Mathematics. She's excited to be a part of making Spring Carnival happen this year!