Spring Carnival Committee is the student organization that makes Carnival happen. We plan, we work, we logitiscize. We get really excited about making the most fun week of the year to actually happen!

Hannah Koschmeder


I am a junior majoring in Business Administration, with an additional major in Statistics. This is my third year on Spring Carnival Committee, and I learn something new every year. As Co-Chair, I am enjoying the experience of overseeing all the committees and also getting into the nitty gritty details that ensure a seamless Spring Carnival. I am looking forward to all the mythical and legendary booths that will be showcased!

Stephen Clark


I am a junior studying Computer Science. I may be a junior, but the first time I saw Spring Carnival was during a sleeping bag weekend my junior year of high school...and I have been hooked ever since. As Co-Chair, I am looking forward to representing the best Spring Carnival yet! Good luck to everyone participating in Spring Carnival this year!

Aaron Perley

Head of Booth

I am a Master’s student in Electrical & Computer Engineering. Having been a booth chair for the past three years, I am excited to devote my passion for this unique event to making sure Spring Carnival is as amazing as possible. As the Head of Booth, I keep Midway organized and help all 22 booth-building organizations plan, construct, and tear-down their structures, and can’t wait to experience the most legend - wait for it - dary Carnival ever!

Zilei Gu

Head of Finance

I am a junior in Electrical & Computer Engineering. This is my third year on Spring Carnival Committee and second year as the Head of Finance. I manage our internal finances and keep track of our spendings. I’m excited to see all the awesome entertainment that we’ll be bringing to campus and can’t wait for Carnival!

Sam Wu

Head of Marketing

I am a junior majoring in Business Administration with concentrations in Operations Management, Business Analytics, and Graphic Media Management, with a minor in Psychology. This is my second year on Spring Carnival Committee and first year as Head of Marketing. I enjoy promoting all of our events as well as thinking of new things for our Committee to pursue. I am excited to be a part of this experience and for our Myths and Legends themed booths!

Leo Galvan

Head of Entertainment

I am a junior majoring in Business Administration with a minor in Music Technology. This is my first year on Spring Carnival Committee and I am so excited to be a part of one of CMU's longest tradition as Head of Entertainment. As Head of Entertainment, I oversee all of the performers during the daytime and the nighttime show on Friday. I love organizing shows and events and am excited to find ways to incorporate the theme of Myths and Legends into our entertainment.

Renata Yerzhanova

Assistant Head of Operations

I am a sophomore in Chemistry pursuing a Business Administration minor. This is my second year on Spring Carnival Committee and first year serving on the board as Assistant Head of Operations. I am excited to learn the behind-the-scenes of the committee and hoping it will be just as rewarding as learning the behind-the-scenes of carnival when I was a general member. I am looking forward to all the excitement that comes to campus during Spring Carnival!

Andrew Greenwald


I am a Coordinator of Student Activities for the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement and Civic Engagement (SLICE) and Spring Carnival Committee’s (SCC) Advisor. Spring Carnival is my favorite time of year and working with SCC Exec is one of the highlights of my position. I am so excited to see what the committee accomplishes each year and am confident that they put their all into making Spring Carnival the best that it can be for all. In addition to advising SCC, I also advise the Undergraduate Student Senate, coordinate the Senior Year Experience Program, the Pittsburgh Connections Program, the Arts Pass Program, Winter Week of Welcome, and the Activities Fairs.