Spring Carnival Committee is the student organization that makes Carnival happen. We plan, we work, we logitiscize. We get really excited about making the most fun week of the year to actually happen!

Amalia Martinez

Overall Chair

I am a senior Tepper student with concentrations in Entrepreneurship and Marketing and a minor in Engineering studies. This is my fourth year on Spring Carnival Committee and in the past years I was in operations committee, Assistant Head of Operations, and Environmental Chair. I am so excited to be overall Chair this year and to bring my knowledge from all aspects of committee to contribute to an amazing Carnival!

Zilei Gu


I am a sophomore in Electrical and Computer Engineering. This is my second year on Spring Carnival Committee. I was on entertainment committee last year. I’m really excited for spring carnival 2017 as we settle down in the new location.

Josh Zak

Head of Booth

I am a senior Chemistry major with a concentration in Materials Chemistry. I was the Director of Blitz Booths for Booth Committee last year, and the year before that I was a booth chair. My hobbies include building booth and helping others build booth. I can’t wait to see what all of the organizations come up with this year. I used to come to Carnival as a kid growing up in Pittsburgh, and it’s awesome to come full circle and give my all to booth one last time!

Joe Mertz

Head of Operations

I am a senior studying Technical Theater and Robotics. I have been coming to Spring Carnival for over 20 years and this is my fourth year on Committee. I am 6' 9" tall and will probably have been asked that at least twice before you see me on any given day.

Nicholas Coauette

Head of Booth Operations

I am a senior Lighting Design major in the School of Drama. This is my fourth year on Spring Carnival Committee. In past years I have worked on Power and Safety as a part of the Electrical team, and last year I was Head of Operations. My hobbies include mountain biking, motorcycle riding, playing piano, and video games. I’m looking forward to my last year as a part of Carnival Committee and a successful Spring Carnival!

Margret Reager

Assistant Head of Operations

I am a sophomore Decision Science and Hispanic Studies double major. This is my second year on Spring Carnival Committee, but my first year on exec. Last year I was on the entertainment and operations committees and I'm excited to be more hands on this year!

Stephen Clark

Assistant Head of Operations

I am a sophmore studying Computer Science. I may be a sophmore, but the first time I saw Spring Carnival was during a sleeping bag weekend my junior year of high school...and I have been hooked ever since. I am looking forward to yet another fun and competitive Spring Carnival!

Gabbi Rickstrew

Head of Marketing

I am a senior double-major in Global Studies and Hispanic Studies. This is my first year officially apart of Spring Carnival Committee and I am already so excited about it!! I am thrilled to be Marketing Chair this year and can't wait to see and share with the CMU community all that we're planning for next semester!

Head of Entertainment

I am a sophomore in the Tepper School of Business. I joined Spring Carnival in my freshman year as a part of the Entertainment Committee. I love that everything on CMU's campus comes to a halt for a weekend to appreciate this long-standing tradition!

Andrew Greenwald


I am a Coordinator of Student Activities for the Office of Student Leadership, Involvement, and Civic Engagement and Spring Carnival Committee’s (SCC) Advisor. This is my third year at CMU, and my second year advising Carnival. Working with Exec is one of the highlights of my position, and after a successful transition to a new part of campus last year, I am so excited to see what the committee will accomplish this year. In addition to SCC, I advise Undergraduate Student Senate, plan the annual welcome back event Janufest, coordinate the Senior Year Experience Program, the Pittsburgh Connections Program, the Arts Pass Program, and the Activities Fairs.