Booth is one of the biggest showpieces of Spring Carnival. Student organizations build multi-story structures around our chosen theme, Ad Astra. These booths include interactive games and elaborate decorations. The booths are located on Midway, at the College of Fine Arts parking lot. Admission is free to see booths!

Midway booth highlights upon opening to the public!

There are four competitive categories for booth: Sorority, Fraternity, Independent, and Blitz (smaller) booths. Below are this year’s participating organizations and their chosen themes:


Kappa Alpha Theta: Soul
Alpha Phi: Zodiac Signs
Kappa Kappa Gamma: Yellow Submarine
Alpha Chi Omega: Aurora Borealis
Delta Delta Delta: Space Buddies
Delta Gamma: Rick & Morty

2022 Sorority Winners

1st: Delta Gamma
2nd: Kappa Alpha Theta
3rd: Kappa Kappa Gamma

Pictured right: Kappa Alpha Theta's booth from 2019 Carnival.

Kappa Alpha Theta booth 2019

Delta Tau Delta booth 2019


Alpha Epsilon Pi: Space Invaders
Phi Delta Theta: The Martian
Sigma Phi Epsilon: Treasure Planet
Delta Tau Delta: Super Mario Galaxy
Kappa Sigma: Star Wars

2022 Fraternity Winners

1st: Sigma Phi Epsilon
2nd: Phi Delta Theta
3rd: Delta Tau Delta

Pictured left: Delta Tau Delta booth from 2019 Carnival.

Independent & Blitz

KGB: Sneaking into the Houses of Hollywood Stars
Alpha Phi Omega: NASA
Fringe: Percy Jackson & Olympians
Singapore Students Association: Singapore Airport
Astronomy Club: Lifecycle of a Star
Chinese Student Association: The Flying Sky
Taiwan Student Association: Big Hero 6
Asian Students Association: Despicable Me

2022 Independent Winners

1st: Asian Students Association
2nd: Taiwan Student Association
3rd: Fringe

2022 Blitz Winners

1st: Singapore Students Association
2nd: Astronomy Club
3rd: KGB

Pictured right: Taiwan Students Association's booth from 2019 Carnival.

TSA booth 2019

ASA doghouse 2019


Awareness of Roots in Chinese Cultue: Change and the Jade Rabbit
Donner: From the Sea to the Stars
5th Ave: Little Einsteins
Habitat for Humanity: Starry Night
Latino/a Graduate Student Association: Bodega on the Moon
Undergraduate Senate: GuardDOGS of the Galaxy

2022 Doghouse Winners

1st: Undergraduate Senate
2nd: Habitat for Humanity
3rd: Latino/a Graduate Student Association

Pictured left: Asian Students Association doghouse from 2019 Carnival.

All organizations move onto Midway the Friday night before Carnival weekend, and keep building until opening for the public Thursday afternoon! Midway is a frenzy of activity for several days. Students go from putting up walls to constructing staircase railings to painting paper mache decorations! The finished products are really a sight to see.